Selected video and model-making projects 2004-21

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Wellywood Outsider (2021) 6 seat portable micro cinema

Fantastic Scenes from Hiroshima New Zealand Farm (2016)  Concept video for diorama exhibition at Dunedin Public Art Gallery Rear Window

Location! Location? (2016)  Single channel video for Circuit Mason's Lane screen Wellington


BAD VIBES! (2012) Site specific 2 channel video installation. Camp A Low Hum music festival, Flock House, Bulls.

Group exhibition exploring notions of spirituality curated by Sarah Jane Parton.

Images by John Lake

LOCAL X2.jpg

Local Knowledge (2011) Dowse Art Museum Lower Hutt, Group exhibition curated by Emma Bugden.

Mike was invited to alter dioramas from the Dowse collection to present an alternative history of Lower Hutt. Images by John Lake

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Tyco and Vollmer (2103) 2 Channel video installation, VHS tape, CRT monitors. Left Installation view. Right: Video still

MFA exhibition Massey School of Art. Later screened as part of Tele Visions (2013) a TV festival celebrating the end of analogue broadcast in Sydney Australia. Curated by Alex White and Emma Ramsey.

Below: THE MODEL-MAKING BUILD-OFF (2009-18) Concept by Tim Larkin, Design by Mike Heynes.

In these competitive performance art events participants were required to build a scale model within a specified amount of time and under the pressures of limited space and public scrutiny. 

"Like Masterchef on glue" experience description by participating artist Menno Huibers.

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WOODLANDS VS FLOCKTOWN (2018) Performance Arcade Wellington. Left: Installation view. Right: Mike's entry

With Tim Larkin, Menno Huibers, Kalya Ward, Caitlin Devoy, Adam Ellis, Shane McGrath, Jonathan Titheridge


WOODSMEN VS FLOCKBOYS (2009) Engine Room Performance Week Wellington. Left: Installation view. Right: Mike's entry

With Tim Larkin, Shane McGrath, Jonathan Titheridge


"YOU"RE ALL FUCKED"  (2009)  Disaster movie genre study. Mechanized diorama, multi channel video installation

stop the tour.jpg

Cakes of the 20th Century (2007). Group Exhibition curated by Mike Heynes and Menno Huibers for the Wellington Fringe Festival.

Left: Installation view, Newtown Bowling  Club Wellington. Right: Mike's cake depicting a 1891 Springbok rugby tour  protest action.


SOUTHCOAST DEVELOPMENTS  (2004) Site specific art installation at Red Rocks on Wellington's south coast.

This Artbox project imagined a controversial real estate development on the site of the recently established

marine reserve.

Curated by Katharine Allard with funding from Creative NZ.

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ENJOY SUPERSTARS (2003- 4) 8 single edition action figures depicting Enjoy Gallery artists. Commssioned  for the touring exhibition Enjoy Presents curated By Charlotte Huddlestone and Louise Tulett