Studio services include:


Concept design

Project management

Stop-motion animation

Motion graphics

Videography and sound recording

Video editing


The studio offers  a range of  learning experiences

with a bring-your-own-device delivery model:


Option One:

Single day workshops in stop-motion animation using a smartphone app. Ideal for team-building or social groups.


Option two:

Stop-motion animation, video editing and basic effects using Adobe CC software

10 Weeks of self-paced learning for individuals or small groups

$60 /hr for one person, $40 /hr per person for groups of 2-3


Option Three:

Professional development with a focus on self-reliance for the learner. $60 /hr

in stop-motion animation and video production.
The classes are individually designed to suit the participants' requirements and are run on a Tutor Mike Heynes has 20 years teaching experience.